Liquid Filled Glass Freezer Pipe, Glitter Leaf

By: Elevator Glass

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Leaf-Shaped Glitter

Chill out with this freezable glass pipe, filled with leaf-shaped green glitter! The entire center is one long tube, a carb at the front and mouthpiece in the back, and the bowl at the front is a decent size. These pipes can be enjoyed as-is, shaken up so their glitter floats all throughout, or place them in your freezer for a few minutes for a delightfully chilled experience.

Glow Rating:★★★☆☆

Like the other pipes in this series, this one contains small specks of glow-in-the-dark material. The larger size of the glitter in this pipe lets the small flakes of glowing material shine through, and it can glow decently in the dark but not to the levels of some other pipes (such as the "Unicorn" Freezer Pipe or the "Smiley Face" Freezer Pipe)

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