RAW x Rolling Papers Sling Bag


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Whether you use it as a sling bag or a fanny pack, you'll always stay fashionable with this RAW Sling Bag!

Maxed out with pockets, this bag is perfect for carrying all the smoking gear you need wherever you go. The front is designed for quick grabbing your papers and lighters, and has a hidden pocket at the back. The center pocket is great for your pre-rolled cones and larger supplies.

At the back, though, is where the magic is! Containing a foil-wrapped removable zipper bag, the back is lined with activated charcoal to keep terps and loud herbs contained and quiet, providing excellent smell-blocking.

Around your waist or over your shoulder, the RAW x Rolling Papers Sling Bag is the best RAW bag for your smoking gear.

RAW x Rolling Papers Sling Bag can be used either over-the-shoulder or as a fanny pack. Intelligently designed for real smokers, it features multiple pouches, foil lining, smell-proof interior, hidden back zipper for storage, coated zippers and more! Just be sure you don't forget where you hid your stash