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By: Sexxi Showers

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Truly Undetectable Fetish Urine Delivery Device Designed for Men

Fetish urine not included with this kit!

Move over, Whizzinator! There's a new, better contender in town for discreet fetish urine delivery, and its name is HeWhizz. The HeWhizz allows users to explore their fetish with a realism never before seen. No more comically costume-like cotton belt with unrealistic penis!

The HeWhizz device is a 4" inflatable medical-grade pouch which can hold 2 ounces of urine, or 60 milliliters. Fully inflated, the HeWhizz device measures 4" long and 3" in diameter. The entire system is no more than a series of thin, clear, inconspicuous tubes which, once naturally lining your penis, becomes completely undetectable and delivers a truly believable experience.

Nevermind the Whizzinator reviews; men, ask your girlfriends or wives how sexy it is to deliver a golden shower with a cotton belt around your waist and a very unrealistic penis. Then ask yourselves: how do I deliver fetish urine in a believable way? You can't fool onlookers while wearing a belt with a fake penis and an obvious bulge for the hand warmer to create warm pee that wildly varies in temperature from a lukewarm 86° to a scalding 105°.

The HeWhizz features no urine bag, no prosthetic penis, and no hand warmers. The liquid stored within the HeWhizz is completely body heat regulated, reaching and maintaining a single, believable temperature for consistent results time and time again.

Included in this Kit

The HeWhizz package includes everything you need to install and get comfortable with the system, but this product does not include fetish urine. The HeWhizz kit includes:

  • HeWhizz Device
  • Control Valve
  • 18" Extension hose
  • Release hose
  • Adhesive dots (for Placement of tubing)
  • 20ml syringe

Directions for Use

  1. Remove all items and lay them out on a clean surface.
  2. Attach your urine reservoir (C) to the RED outlet on the control valve (B).
  3. Attach your extension hose (F) to the BLUE outlet on the control valve (B).
  4. Fill your syringe (E), attach to the open end of extension hose (F).
  5. Turn the valve to the open position (inline with device).
  6. Lightly lube your urine reservoir (C) and insert into rectum.
  7. Depress syringe slowly to fill reservoir.
  8. Repeat until reservoir is filled comfortably. Close Control Valve (B) before removing Extension Hose. (Each full syringe holds about 3/4 of an ounce.)
  9. Turn valve to the closed position (perpendicular to device) & detach extension hose (F).
  10. Move the Clip on your urine release hose (A) to a reachable location while standing. Depress clip to clamp the hose.
  11. Attach urine release hose (A) to the BLUE tip on the control valve (B).
  12. Use our provided alcohol wipe to clean the bottom of penis.
  13. Apply provided glue dots in place to hold the urine release hose underneath penis (cut excess hose. See Tips for Use first: make sure it feels natural before cutting!).
  14. When ready to play, hold your penis with your thumb on top and all other fingers on bottom. Simply release the clip and let the golden shower begin.

Tips for Use

  • Practice as often as possible. The more you practice, the more natural your golden shower will look and feel.
  • Before you cut your exit hose, make sure your HeWhizz is seated properly by walking around and sitting normally.
  • If you experience the exit hose becoming detached from your penis, you may (at your own discretion) use a different adhesive.
  • It is important to become comfortable using HeWhizz, especially before performing.


HeWhizz is designed as an adult fetish toy to enhance your golden shower experience. None of Sexxi Showers' products are intended to violate any Federal, State, or Local laws. By purchasing, consumer agrees to use HeWhizz for its intended purpose ONLY.
If you experience any pain or discomfort while using this product, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.

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