The Best Fetish Urine, Where to Buy It, and How to Use It

The Best Fetish Urine, Where to Buy It, and How to Use It

Posted by Craig Jones on May 20, 2022

Fetish urine isn’t something most people think about on a daily basis. It is definitely a product that almost no one thinks of until our backs are up against the wall and we quickly need an effective solution. However, lack of familiarity with the product, lack of informed knowledge on where to purchase the latest effective formulation and confusion on how to properly use the product can cause problems with grave consequences.

Let’s face it, when we turn to fetish urine it is often an emergency or last minute purchase and a lot is on the line. So much can be depending on us purchasing and using it properly, that we have to buy the best fetish urine and use it right. Its fetish purposes can be very important. So in this blog, we will be exploring some of the reputable fetish urine brands, as well as where to buy fetish urine and talking about how to use it.

Reputable Fetish Urine Brands

The fetish urine market is made up of several small companies and it is very important to think about the brand’s reputation in the market which is developed over time. That is essentially a history of the success of the brand.

Some of the most reputable brands in the industry include Quick Fix Plus, Terminader Yellow Snow, Whizzinator, and Smart Choice. Spectrum Brands, maker of Quick Fix Plus and Urine Luck the best urine additive, seems to be the 800-pound gorilla. We sell all of these brands and others at Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff. Quick Fix Fetish Urine.

The best fetish urine brands conduct rigorous scientific testing to guarantee the urine is chemically similar enough to real urine. Scientific testing continues on an ongoing basis to ensure that the very most up to date formulation is used to satisfy every single method of verification. If you or anyone tests the urine, it will appear like urine and even stand up under the best screening. Feel it, smell it, taste it; just like the real stuff.

When you use fetish urine, it is crucial that it is as similar to real urine as scientifically possible. For this reason, fetish urine oftentimes contains many of the chemicals in real pee like urea. These ingredients must be top quality and certain brands like Quick Fix and all of its chemical components are manufactured in the USA. The good brands definitely invest in research and development. Terminader Yellow Snow Urine

Rather than listen to the claims of any one brand, I tend to lean towards the brands that have been successfully existing in the market the longest. So in this article, I only mentioned the good longstanding brands that I, and my company, have consistently sold, used, and encountered. These brands have been around for many years. In fact, we have been successfully distributing Quick Fix for over 10 years. If you prefer to research before you buy, you can learn about the reputation of the brand from online reviews and the most knowledgeable smokeshop personnel.

Where to Buy Fetish Urine

While online reviews can be helpful, beware that some reviews are phony and created to influence a consumer purchase. A reliable source of information and person to talk to is the manager of your neighborhood smokeshop. These smokeshops are family-run American businesses that are dependent upon longtime loyal customers and have too much to lose, so they will always try to point you to the most effective solution for your specific needs. You can also call our corporate offices and, as a long-standing smokeshop and nationwide distributor of fetish urine, we will give you our best advice for your specific needs.

Whatever you do, don’t buy fetish urine on Amazon or eBay. While it may appear cheap, fetish urine on eBay and Amazon is often expired and won't stand up to most recent standards. They have gone so far as to steal our product photos to trick people into thinking that they have the most technologically up-to-date product. We have personally called and requested for these sellers to take down these fraudulent listings, as they cause real harm to good people’s professional and personal lives.

Customers are only happy when they receive a great product that satisfies all their needs and passes the test. When you use the fetish urine right, it feels warm and great, everyone is happy, and no one can tell it's not real. Established in 1972 and selling fetish urine and additives for almost 25 years, Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff has developed a loyal customer base and is an ideal place to purchase fetish urine.

How to Use Fetish Urine

When you purchase fetish urine the package typically includes a bottle of fetish urine, a temperature gauge strip, applicator tip, and a heat pack. Fetish urine packaging varies slightly across brands, with larger variations in the appearance of the applicator. Some have a lifelike applicator, like The Whizzinator and Whizzinator brand products for more discreet and life-like real-time use.

Whizzinator Touch, Tan

It is important to follow the instructions on the packaging to the letter for proper use and effectiveness. But with most brands you first begin by activating the heat pack. Then, affix the heat pack to the bottle of fetish urine and maintain it against your body. Store the urine with the heat pack to consistently maintain the optimal temperature until the time of use. Make sure that the bottle is sealed during transport to prevent spilling any of the contents. Once you are ready to use the fetish pee, either open the top or if the bottle comes with a separate applicator tip then change the top to the applicator top so that the fetish urine can be sprayed properly.
All of the products we sell have the instructions written in their description so find the ones that work the easiest for you.

So make sure that you do your research and ask somebody that is knowledgeable on fetish urine. Make sure that you purchase one of the most reputable brands. Most importantly, buy your fetish urine from a good reputable source, like Finally, enjoy your fetish urine and use it properly.

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