The Whizzinator Touch, Tan

By: Whizzinator

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When you need to impress but you want a clean, pure solution with no fear of contaminants, trust the Whizzinator to deliver! Styled like a natural penis, the Whizzinator Touch is the ultimate fetish urine delivery system for every necessity. The Whizzinator Touch medical-grade fetish urine device features an ultra-quiet flow system that is very easy to use and operates with only one hand, able to control the flow by touch, and even includes a Pressure Band for ultimate flow control. The Whizzinator Touch features an elastic belt made from all-natural cotton with two comfortable leg straps, so everything stays in place and is comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods.

The included ALS Fetish Urine contains ingredients found in natural urine like Uric Acid and Creatine, is balanced for specific gravity, pH, and even has foam and scent! Great for toxin-free urine for wet sex or pranks! You can have a dirty experience with a safe and clean, reliable product.


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Included in this Kit

  • One Whizzinator
  • One Syringe
  • One Bottle of Fetish Urine Mix
  • Four Heat Packs
  • Pressure Band
  • User Manual

Directions for Use

Included with the box is a very handy user manual, but skim this to have an idea of how the system will work:

  1. Fill a cup with 90ml of clean, fresh water, such as bottled water. Mix the entire vial of included fetish urine mix into the water and combine
  2. Using the included syringe, locate the spigot for the bag attached to the penis and inject all of the contents into the valve, closing the cap on it for good measure.
  3. Prepare a heating pad according to its directions and place it behind the bag, on the opposite side as the heating strip. When the strip measures between 98° - 102°, the system is ready.
  4. To perform and engage the flow: squeeze the tip of the penis to restrict the flow, open a small valve on the belt between the bag and the penis, then direct your aim and release! Urine will flow like natural and at a body-like temperature.

Other Skin Tones and Alternatives Available

This is our Whizzinator Touch in a Tan Skin Tone. If you're interested in a different skin tone (always try to match your own!), check out these other styles we carry:

Always be sure to find the best skin tone for you! Also, explore our other great fetish urine delivery systems:

This Whizzinator can easily be re-used! Despite only coming with one vial of Fetish Urine Mix, you can also use regular water or, for an equally realistic experience with urine, check out these other lab-created urine blends, each with an included heating pad:

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