Smart Choice 3 oz Fetish Urine

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  • 3 oz. of lab crafted, clean fetish urine. 
  • Made with urea, balanced pH, and specific gravity to imitate real urine. 
  • Includes heating pad for up to 5 hours of warmth. 
  • Can be stored up to 18 months and reheated as many times as needed. 

Wondering where to buy fetish urine? The smart choice would be right here! Smart Choice Fetish Urine is an easy to use, toxin-free, lab-created urine made to be clean and chemically identical to real urine.

Smart Choice Fetish Urine is made with urea, perfectly balanced pH, and specific gravity; all traits found in real urine, making it an ideal substitute for fetish parties and pranks to be enjoyed safely.

Unlike its competitors, Smart Choice Urine is nearly half the price for its supreme quality. Now you don't have to ask yourself how to make your own fetish urine. With a price this low, the answer is clear! Smart Choice Fetish Urine ships across the United States and we even ship Express and Overnight!

How do you use fetish urine? If using it straight out of the bottle isn't what you need, check out our popular delivery systems including the Cupid for women, the HeWhizz, or one of our Whizzinator Touch fetish urine kits, which includes an imitation penis. Whatever the occasion, we have fetish urine delivery systems for you!

Smart Choice Synthetic Urine Directions

Smart Choice Synthetic Urine Directions

Warm your Smart Choice Synthetic Urine for a fake pee experience that feels just like the real thing.

Estimated cost: 15.99 in USD

Total time: 10 minutes



  • MicrowaveMicrowave

1. Activate heat pack.

Activate heat pack according to instructions on heat pack wrapper.

2. Heat in microwave.

Remove lid and seal. Replace lid loosely & microwave for 7-10 seconds. Tighten lid, shake bottle again. Wait for temperature strip to activate a green dot between 94° - 100°. Tan or blue dots may appear, but only a green dot will denote the actual temperature. If the temperature strip remains black, with no visible dots, the liquid has been heated above 100°. Allow it to cool until the green dot appears between 94° - 100°.

  • Do not overheat bottle. It will melt!

3. Attach activated heat pack.

Use the rubber band to attach the activated heat pack to the bottle. This will maintain the temperature for up to five (5) hours.

4. (Alternate method) Heat with heat pack.

If a microwave is unavailable, heat the bottle by attaching the heat pack more than 1 hour before use.

5. Shake bottle.

Shake bottle before using.

Smart Choice Package Contents

  • 3 oz bottle of fetish urine
  • 1 heat pad
  • rubber band

This product is not intended for use on lawfully administered tests & is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws. Not for internal use or human consumption.

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Smart Choice is for fetish purposes only. Buyer/user assumes all responsibility and liability associated with these products. Buyer/user agrees to hold harmless all entities associated with this product. Not intended to violate any laws and is not for sale where prohibited. Buyer/user warrants product is legal in his/her jurisdiction. These products will NOT be shipped to residents of AR, FL, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, NE, NH, NJ, NC, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA if intended use is to influence a drug test. Buyer/user warrants that he/she is of legal age. We do not condone or encourage illegal activity or use of illegal drugs, especially on the job. You understand and agree that our products are not to be used for any illegal purposes, including use for lawfully administered drug tests. We shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders. All sales are final.

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