Randy's Puff Bat Replacement Grape Flavored Filters

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  • Designed for the Randy's Puff Bats. 
  • 3-Pack of Filters. 
  • Each filter has 4 beads to adjust intensity. 
  • 30-Piece Display Box Available (Jump to Section)

When it's time to inject some flavor into your favorite herbal blends, reach for the Randy's Puff Bats! And when it's time to replace the filter, or if you want to experiment with new flavors, you'll need one of these replacement filter packs. Each pack contains 3 fresh filters loaded with Puff Beads full of flavor.

When you need a new filter for your Randy's Puff Bat at a low price, grab some right here. We carry all 3 unique flavors ready to suit your smoking palate.

How to Use a Randy's Puff Bats Replacement Filter

  1. Disassemble Puff Bat
  2. Remove Used Filter
  3. Assemble Puff Bat with Fresh Filter
  4. Continue Enjoying

Order 30 to receive a FREE Display Box

Get a FREE display box when you purchase 30 of a single flavor of Randy's Puff Bats Replacement Filters! Each display box can be stylishly opened to dispense these products on your store shelf or counter space. Simply add 30 to your cart and, after checking out, your Puff Bat Filters will be sent in a closed, sealed box ready to be opened and distributed.

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