Randy's Menthol Flavored Puff Bat

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  • 4" Long
  • Flavored Filter to Enhance Herbal Blends
  • Made from Food Grade Silicone, Hemp, and Borosilicate Glass
  • 15-Piece Display Available (Jump to Section)

Find a new and exciting way to enjoy your favorite herbal blends with the Randy's Puff Bats!

These silicone chillums have a borosilicate glass tip to load your favorite herbal blend into, and their silicone body is heat-resistant, drop-proof, and easy to clean.

What makes Randy's Puff Bats stand out from the rest is the filter that sits between the body and tip: a hemp filter filled with terp beads! The filters contain four silicone flavor beads which can be popped for the optimal level of flavor. On top of that, the hemp filter will ensure no ash reaches your lips, giving you the best experience from a chillum.

Menthol Flavored Puff Bats have a silicone body that's red with green, and the filter in the middle is natural colored.

No longer will you have to rely on terpenes, flavored strands of herbs, or flavoring your herbal blends yourself: with Randy's Puff Bats it's as easy as Pop, Load, Enjoy!

Find more flavors and replacement flavor filters on our Randy's brand page.

How to Use a Randy's Puff Bat

  1. Disassemble the Puff Bat
  2. Remove Puff Pop Filter
  3. Pop Puff Beads
    • Select your intensity of flavor by popping more beads. 4 per filter.
  4. Assemble Puff Bat
  5. Load Material
  6. Enjoy

The Randy's Puff Bat is a one-hitter style piece comprised of a silicone body and glass bowl. What makes our bats special is the flavored filter between the two components. The filter is filled with 4 food-grade silicone beads that the user can individually pop to release a burst of flavor, enhancing their usual smoking experience. The more beads you pop, the more intense the flavor profile.

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Borosilicate Glass

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    Posted by Goldie Jones on Feb 06, 2023

    I love these "bats" . The filters are good for about 3 normal hits. I like using the silicone as a cone holder also. When you have long nails it really come in handy. Also when sharing a cone, having my own silicone mouth piece is priceless!.