Snoop Dogg Friendship Glass Hand Pipe

By: Snoop Dogg POUNDS

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Snoop Dogg-Conceived Glass Corn Cob

Joining Snoop Dogg's masterful smoking rigs come smaller, hand-held glass; one such piece is this, the Friendship Glass Hand Pipe from POUNDS by Snoop Dogg. These sleek pipes are built to show off their form, from their slanted bottoms for a solid resting surface, the bright accent colors, down to the flat mouthpiece and the built-in honeycomb filter in the bowl. Each pipe is decorated with Snoop Dogg's signature on the neck and the POUNDS logo on its front.

5" Pipe

The bottom of the body of this pipe has a slanted surface, allowing it to neatly rest on any table, mantle, or counter. When ready for use, the body and neck line up at a 90° angle for an easy and enjoyable session. On the side of the body is a carburetor to allow you to get the best taste with every draw.

Built-in Filter

At the bottom of the pipe's bowl is a honeycomb filter to keep out particulates and ash from mixing with drawn smoke.

Gift Boxed for Storage and Gifting

Each Snoop Dogg Friendship pipe comes in a very nice box with a magnetic closure, and the pipe is encased in a snug, conforming foam padding for excellent receiving.

Please Fly Responsibly

Conceived in outer space and designed in California, POUNDS smoking pipes offer intergalactic options for your preference and enjoyment. Crafted from Hand Blown glass, each will vary slightly.

Pipe Style:
Corn Cob