Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz FAQ

Famous Brandz is a Canadian-based company who has collaborated with many well-known smoking celebrities to bring unique pipes and bongs to the market.

Famous Brandz uses high quality borosilicate glass and most of their bongs are 7mm thick so they feel as good as they look.

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Famous Brandz has partnered with many well-known celebrities to bring their visions of smoking accessories to life.

Some of the more notable people Famous Brandz has worked with are Snoop Dogg, bringing his Snoop Dogg POUNDS line to life, and Cheech & Chong, creating unique pipes for the 40th anniversary of Up In Smoke. Other celebrities Famous Brandz collaborated with include Jay & Silent Bob, Trailer Park Boys, and even includes rockers like Guns n' Roses and promotional pipes for Hellboy (2019).

Famous Brandz even makes their own line of very cool, highly decorated borosilicate bongs as well as vaping accessories.

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Famous Brandz bongs are made from high quality borosilicate glass. Each piece is carefully designed and hand-made for top quality.

If a Famous Brandz bong includes color inside of the glass, Famous Brandz uses special frit which finishes in bright, vibrant colors.

All of Famous Brandz pieces are built to last, whether it's a bong or grinder.