Snoop Dogg Lightship Bubbler Pipe

By: Snoop Dogg POUNDS

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As Bubbly As Snoop Dogg's Personality

Snoop Dogg's POUNDS line of smoking glass blends power and elegance, and this Lightship Glass Bubbler Hand Pipe is no exception to the case. Resting 7" long with its slanted bottom to ensure it stands steady, this all-glass hand pipe houses a bubbling downstem, colorful accents, and Snoop Dogg's signature along its neck. Simply pour some water in, fill the bowl, and take a cosmic journey with the Lightship.

7" Pipe

The bottom of the body of this pipe is slanted back so it can stand firmly when placed on a level surface. When you hold it the pipe is 6" long, mostly through the neck, and at a comfortable and ergonomic 90° angle, culminating in a flat mouthpiece.

Bubbling Downstem

The colored downstem in this pipe has two holes on opposite sides and is open at the bottom, allowing smoke to be blended and bubbled through water before being drawn down the long neck to your mouth. Glass doesn't interfere with the flavor of your material and leaves you with a clean, flavorful draw every time.

Assorted Colors

The Lightship Bubbler Pipe is available in an assortment of colors including Light Green, Dark Blue, and Red. The colors can be seen in the neck and downstem of the pipe.

Please Fly Responsibly

Each Lightship is hand crafted from borosilicate glass so no two are alike. Enjoy your flights responsibly.

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