High Hemp Wraps

Enjoy the world's first 100% hemp blunt wraps, High Hemp Wraps.

These premium hemp wraps contain no additives, no tobacco, and no nicotine to provide you with the best herbal blunt wrap smoking experience.

Whether you want a delicious flavor to pair with your herbs or an unflavored, straight hemp wrap, High Hemp Organic Wraps are the best way to go.

High Hemp Wraps FAQ

High Hemp Wraps are made from 100% organic hemp.

Made from 100% sustainably farmed organically cultivated European hemp, these wraps are free from toxic ingredients and chemicals.

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Yes! High Hemp Wraps test positive for trace amounts of naturally-occurring CBD.

No CBD is added, but the natural CBDs in hemp remain in the final product. Learn more on High Hemp's blog about their wraps being CBD Positive.

Are your High Hemp Wraps dry? High Hemp's organic formula, and lack of additives, leave their hemp wraps in their natural state: dry and lacking moisture.

To revitalize your High Hemp wrap, here are some ways to add moisture and make them easier to enjoy:

  • Place your wraps between two damp paper towels for a few moments.
  • Hold the wrap flat in your palm and huff warm air until the paper loosens up.
  • Apply a small layer of honey for extra moisture, sweetness, and stick.

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