10" Thick Two-Tone Beaker Bong

By: Downtown Hookah Connection

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  • 10" Tall
  • Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Extra Large Beaker Base
  • Ice Pinch for Chilled Hits
  • Two-Tone Colored Mouthpiece and at Bottom
  • Includes 5.5" Downstem and 14mm Bowl

The thick glass of this beaker bong ensures it will be ready for the most intense sessions for years to come.

This 10" Thick Two-Tone Beaker Bong features astounding 9mm thick borosilicate glass and a wide water chamber for an awesome, strong appearance. The only percolation occurs through the included diffusing downstem, making this a great pipe to turn into a dab rig with the addition of a simple 45° angled banger.

The ice pinch on its neck allows for every toke to be perfectly chilled, while the minimal percolation gives all of your herbs and concentrates their full flavor.

This water pipe gets its "two-tone" name from the two colors around its mouthpiece. The same two colors are reflected in a colored disk at the bottom of the beaker chamber and the rim of the included bowl.

Joint Size:
14mm (with Downstem)
Joint Gender:
Joint Angle (Degrees):
Ice Pinch