12" Silicone Plumber Bong, Assorted Colors


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  • 12" tall silicone bong. 
  • Fully disassembleable for easy cleaning. 
  • 14mm bowl included. 
  • Available in assorted colors. 

Level up your pipe collection with this Silicone Plumber Bong, a unique piece which can find a home in anyone's hands. This pipe has multiple parts including a bent-neck mouthpiece, and when fully assembled it stands 12" tall! It features a 14mm Female GOG joint at its base and has a bent neck mouthpiece at the top of its figurine body.

Some assembly is required, but it is very easy to assemble for a water-tight and smoke-proof experience and disassemble for easy cleaning. The wide 3.5" beaker base helps this piece stand sturdy during use, and comes equipped with an embedded silicone downstem and pre-installed glass insert, ready for any 14mm male GOG attachment such as the included glass bowl. The neck of the pipe is mostly the figure of a stalwart plumber, easily recognizable; it is simply popped into place in the base, its double-ridged connector securing it and creating a strong seal. To top it all off is a bent-neck mouthpiece that, just like the plumber neck, pops in securely and enhances the experience.