14mm Female Thermochromic Quartz Banger Nail

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Quickly know at-a-glance when your banger is properly heated and ready for your dabs with this Thermochromic Banger. The yellow sand contained within this bucket banger with change to red as it is heated, letting you know when the quartz is the perfect temperature for dabbing.

Concentrates, waxes, and even herbs release different terpenes, flavors, at certain heat levels, and terpenes are fickle and easily burnt through with too high of a temperature. Thermochromic sand will gradually change from yellow to red, passing through orange and orange-red, so you can gauge the temperature it's reached so you can maintain the sweet spot for flavorful dabs.

A Thermochromic Sand Banger is an essential tool in any dabber's arsenal, whether you're an experienced concentrate dabber or new to the world of dabs. Find the best temperature for the terps in your concentrates and know when you reach it thanks to the color changing sand inside of a thermochromic banger. No other bangers will show you what temperature they're at like a thermochromic quart banger.