14mm Male 90 Degree Quartz Banger

By: Fedtrade International

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If you're into dabs and really like your current glass dab rig, do yourself a favor and stop heating your dabs with nails directly on your rig! Grab a banger instead!

Bangers were developed as an alternative to traditional domed or domeless nails, aiming to take the heating of your concentrates away from the rig to prevent premature cracking or other damage heat can cause. This quartz banger is make from quartz crystal, designed to stand up to prolonged heat, even heat continuously applied to a single spot. Thanks to this, unlike ceramic or glass, quartz is less likely to crack or shatter over its lifetime.

This banger features a slanted top to allow easy addition of concentrates. The shallow bucket makes adding more waxes or oils very easy, even without proper tools. Be sure to grab a Directional Carb Cap to pair with it, to help increase vapor production and send it straight down the neck into your pipe!

Heat your concentrates low and slow for maximum vaporization.

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