14mm Male Flat-Top Quartz Banger, 45 Degree

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45 Degree

Flat Top for Full Precision

Out with the old, in with the new! Traditional quartz bangers feature a slanted top, but that can lead to awkward carb cap uses, or make you have to have a slanted carb cap to pair with it. Well, worry no more! Get a new flat-topped banger today to make your dabbing life more complete! With a 1" deep chamber that is .75" in diameter, this quartz banger can burn as much concentrate as you can handle!

The bottom of these bangers are composed of a thick wall of glass, able to absorb and retain a large amount of heat. Give it an even, strong flame and enjoy your concentrates!

Also Available in 90° Angle

Get the best gear for your rig! These Flat-Top Quartz Bangers are available in either 45° or 90° joint angles. This product is the 45° version; if you need a 90° joint, click here to browse over to its product page.