14mm Nectar Collector Set with Quartz and Titanium Nail


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Whether your preference is quartz or titanium, you can enjoy concentrates the way you love the most with this 14mm Nectar Collector Set! Boxed in a stylish container, each piece can be stored for convenience and well separated for safety.

The main body of this nectar collector is 5" long and features 14mm Female Joints on both ends to hold your favorite accessories- which this kit includes plenty of! Inside, the body houses a dome perc to help filter and cool vapor as it moves through when coupled with water- but the collector can be used just as easily without any water, if that is your preference.

Includes Quartz and Titanium Nail

Whether you prefer to vaporize your concentrates with quartz or titanium, this kit contains both kinds of nails to enjoy your concentrates your way, or experiment with something new! Each piece features a 14mm Male joint to be attached into the body of the nectar collector. Just light the tip, dip it in, and enjoy!

Also Includes Mouthpiece Extension and Glass Dish

Everything comes in this kit, even a glass dish to hold your concentrates and another attachment for the body: a mouthpiece extension! Add another 4 inches of distance for your smoke to cool by simply sliding the mouthpiece into the top of the body.