19mm Titanium Nail with Ceramic Heat Sink

By: ERRL Gear

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  • Designed to Fit 19mm Female Joints
  • Ceramic Heat Sink Prevents Heat from Reaching Rig

Ceramic is one of the best insulators on the planet; you can put it to your advantage and heat the titanium nail on this product as hot as you need to!

The Errl Gear 19mm Titanium Nail with Ceramic Heat Sink includes a white ceramic housing to fit the titanium domeless nail.Titanium, an excellent heat conductor and retainer, paired with ceramic, a great insulator, will protect your rig from extreme heats from dabbing.

If you like dabbing at high temperatures, do yourself and your rig a favor and grab a 19mm Titanium Nail with Ceramic Heat Sink today!

This Domeless Adjustable Nail was one of the very first domeless nails and is universal in that it comes with a universal porcelain base allowing it to be compatible with a male or female connection in both 14mm and 19mm.

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