19mm Male Wig Wag Bowl with Thumb Lift, Assorted

By: Downtown Hookah Connection

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  • Artistic Colored Glass with Wig Wag Design
  • 19mm Male Joint
  • Hand Made: Each One is Unique!
  • Fancy Bowl to Upgrade your Piece

Everyone has a glass bowl. Whether it's clear, or slightly colored, or has a nice grip, everyone has one. But you? You're not like everyone else. You want your water pipe to have something special! Well, nothing gets more special than a Wig Wag Glass Bowl.

This 19mm Male Wig Wag Bowl with Thumb Lift is a large jointed bowl for your favorite 19mm glass pipe. With a blend of 3 or more colors artistically swirled and wig wagged through the glass, this piece is unlike any other around!

Available in an assortment of colored swirls. Each piece is made by hand, so no two are alike!

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