4" Glass Slide Kit

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Joint Size:

So you've got a hollow pumpkin or watermelon that you're ready to turn into a bong and smoke out of, and enjoy some natural flavors with your smoke. Sure, you can carve a little funnel to act as a bowl, but how far will that get you?

Enjoy some quality smoking with the help of this 4" Slide Kit! The 4" downstem will help penetrate deep into your vessel of choice, while the glass slide provides the best smoking experience- much better than a bowl carved directly into the bong! This kit even includes a rubber grommet to ensure a tight seal, and an O-ring for the slide for perfect carburation.

Enjoy your DIY bong in style with this 4" Slide Kit today! Or, use it to update your soft glass water pipes and bongs with clean, new parts.

Included in this Kit

  • 4" Downstem
  • 3" Slide
  • Rubber Downstem Grommet
  • O-ring for Slide

Alternate Sizes Available

From 2" to 4", we carry the perfect kit for your next project. Smaller bongs will need smaller kits for the best experience, so grab what you need and get toking!