45 Degree Standing Diamond Cut Pipe with Angled Mouthpiece

By: Pat's Pipes

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45° Neck, Straight Hits

Here's an interesting metal pipe for you: the neck meets the body of this pipe at 45°, but the mouthpiece is angled down 45°, which results in an angled pipe that you hold straight! Pretty cool, isn't it?

The bowl on this pipe is a straightforward, metal bowl capped with a smoke-through cap to keep your herbal blends contained while allowing a flame to come through and ignite them. The bowl comes down and meets the solid-metal, flat-bottomed base which allows this pipe to stand upright easily and level. From there the neck of the pipe juts out at 45° and is covered with a fancy metal diamond-cut sleeve with an intricate pattern that has polished metal cuts. Finally, it all comes together in a rounded mouthpiece which is attached to another 45° connection to level the whole pipe out for a straight experience.

Accenting the joints of this pipe are a small number of black o-rings, to both contrast the individual pieces and also act as a seal to keep smoke and airflow contained.

Available in Assorted Colors

The diamond-cut sleeve around the neck of this pipe is available in a variety of colors and styles, and each order will receive one at random.