5" Flush Fit Downstem, 19mm Male to 14mm Female

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Make sure your pipe needs a 5" Downstem before you buy!
An improperly-sized downstem may result in damage to your pipe.

Transform your 19mm-jointed pipes to 14mm by sliding in this downstem. The surface around the joint protrudes less than a quarter of an inch, resulting in a clean, flush look with your bong. Since the smaller 14mm joint can fit cleanly inside of the larger 19mm size it makes this condensed downstem and joint converter possible.

The frosted joints on this diffusing downstem create a friction seal to keep smoke contained with no leaks, and the 6 slits along the bottom help diffuse smoke evenly for complete filtration.

Is this not the downstem you're looking for? Browse our Slides & Downstems Product Category to find the perfect fit for your pipe. Remember, every pipe needs a specific-sized downstem for proper use. We carry lengths from 3" and all half-inch sizes up to 6" long, so browse our collection to find the size right for you.