55mm 4 Part Concave Grinder

By: Sharper

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Concave for More Packing Area


  • Concave design for larger herb quantities
  • 4 Part, 3 Chamber design (grinder, storage, pollen collection)
  • Low-Friction Magnet Action
  • Fine Mesh Pollen Screen
  • Assorted Bright Colors

Harness the power of circles to increase the amount of herbs you can grind at once with this Concave Grinder! The grinding chamber dips down in a gentle cone, allowing you to not only place more herbs inside at once, but also get a quicker, more efficient grind. These grinders by Sharper are constructed of precision-milled aluminum for a strong, durable, but lightweight body, and are available in a wide variety of colors.

Three Chambers

Get the best grind from your grinder! The three-chamber design of this grinder means it includes a pollen collector, allowing you to collect and use every last bit of your herbs and let none go to waste. The top has uniformly-placed 3/16" holes for only even, precise grounds to fall through to the middle chamber for collection.

  1. Load your herbs into the top chamber and press the top in. The magnet in the center allows for an easy, low-friction spin and grind, and all the herbs will gravitate towards the middle as they move allowing for a more varied and finer resulting texture.
  2. Herbs fall into the center chamber where they will stay until you are ready to retrieve them. The 3/16" holes in the grinding chamber allow only the best ground herbs to drop through.
  3. Any resulting pollen will sift through the fine mesh screen at the bottom of the second chamber, ready to be collected for use later with the help of the included pollen scoop.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Concave Grinders are available in assorted bright colors including Gold, Purple, Red, Green, and Blue. Check the photo above for how they look! Each order will receive one at random.