6" Fumed Metallic Recycler

By: Sol Trading Corp

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  • 6" Tall
  • Single Uptake Recycler
  • Upright Female Joint with Built-in Drip Catch
  • Metallic & Iridescent finish
  • Defused Perc
  • Includes 14mm Male Bowl

Enjoy the pleasure of a recycler without spending big bucks on a big piece. This 6" Metallic Recycler is perfect for travel use and offers all the benefits of recyclers without being bulky.

This bong's banger hanger style upright joint has a small indent at the bottom to catch unused resin for reclaiming, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Smoke and vapor travel down to be percolated through this piece's defused perc before being drawn up to the top chamber where it will spin and vortex, drawing out the best flavor and cool smoke. To top it off, the bent neck on this piece offers relaxed toking.

Recyclers offer a range of benefits, including intense flavors and cooled smoke, without needing a bulky body to provide them.

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