62mm Silver Grinder with Ashtray Top

By: Holy Smoking Co.

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  • 62mm Grinding Diameter
  • Unique ashtray top
  • Concave grinder for additional space
  • 3 Chamber, 4 Part design: includes pollen screen

The perfect grinder for a RYO enthusiast, these grinders are built with an ash tray on their tops!

The 62mm Silver Grinder with Ashtray Top has a convex top with two indents for resting cigarettes and rolled joints, allowing you to both grind and enjoy simply with this grinder.

Its body is pure polished aluminum giving it a silver shine, with plenty of grip along the top part and its body.

This 4 part grinder has 3 chambers to get the most out of your herbs:

  1. The top chamber for grinding is uniquely convex, its curved surface providing more room for herbs than traditional grinders.
  2. The middle chamber catches and stores fresh ground herbs, and has a pollen screen at its bottom.
  3. The lower chamber, separated by a pollen screen, allows fine dust to filter through and be reclaimed for use.

This is one of the only grinders in our collection with a fully functionable ash tray built onto it, and definitely a unique piece to add to any collection! Grab one today!

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