7P Pocket Twisty Blunt

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A New Twist on a Classic

Stop spending money on blunt wraps when you could be using a re-loadable twisty blunt! This 7P Pocket Twisty Blunt is similar to its older V12 cousin but is slightly wider. It features a metal mouthpiece and corkscrew with a Quartz tube and is as easy to load as ever: simply pull out the corkscrew, put in a fair amount of material, twist it down to pack it, then take off the bottom and light it up! As it burns, just slowly twist more material to the front.

Extra Quartz Tubes Available

If you need more quartz tubes, whether as replacement or backup, we carry a two-pack of replacement/supplement tubes. Never be short while you're out and about! These quartz tubes will keep your material dry and secure no matter where you go.

Available in Black

This 7P is available in Black only at the moment. The box may show gold, but the pipe inside is black!

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