9" Bob Marley Etched Bong

By: Attaglass

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Show your appreciation for the Rastafarian legend Bob Marley with this 9" Marley Face Bong, a translucent colored waterpipe engraved with an iconic picture of Marley.

These are Bubble Bongs, a glass tube with a rounded water chamber. The bubble rests on a "wave base," a flat surface fused to the bubble with a wavy design to give these bongs a strong, stable base. Each color has a black wave base except for the Clear pipes, which also have a clear base.

The Bob Marley image on these pipes is sand blasted in for a permanent, textured design. Unlike painted pipes, the design on these will never wear off! The same Bob Marley image is repeated around the bottom of the bubble and the mouthpiece.

Available in Assorted Colors

We carry these Marley Face Bongs in an assortment of colors including Clear, Red, Black, Blue, and Green. Each order will receive one at random.

Alternate Marley Design Available

The iconic Bob Marley design on this pipe isn't the only one we carry. If you're interested in a bong with a design of Bob Marley smoking, we carry that pipe too! Check it out:

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