Airis Fritted Quartz Dip Coil

By: Airistech
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The Perfect Tip for your E-Nectar Collector

If you have a vape with a 510-threaded connection and a mouthpiece on an opposite side, screw this Dip Coil into place and turn your vape into an E-Nectar Collector!

Originally designed to be compatible with the Airis Headbanger or the Airis 8, this open-ended atomizer has 510-threading to screw into place on most vapes; but be aware: this dip coil is more like a straw than a cartridge. Simply activate your vape to heat the tip, then dip it into your favorite concentrate to vaporize and enjoy it.

Fritted Quartz Tip

Airistech, the pioneers of Quartz technology, utilize a revolutionary Fritted Quartz material in many of their high-quality Q-Cell accessories. The design of fritted quartz leads to a greater quartz surface area coupled with swifter, efficient heating. This lets your waxy substances be heated through pure Quartz contact instead of the more traditional heated coils, which may distort the taste.

Compatible Products

As mentioned earlier, this Dip Coil was designed for the Airis Headbanger and Airis 8, both of which can act as E-Nectar Collectors. Follow the links below to check them out:

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