Airis GetHi G6 Premium Dry Herb Pen

By: Airistech

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  • 1800mAh Capacity
  • Zero Combustion: 100% Pure Ceramic Chamber
  • Discreet & Easy to Clean Glass Mouthpiece
  • Isolated Heating Chamber & Airflow
  • Variable Voltage: Three Temperature Settings



Enjoy herbs with one of the cleanest, most efficient, zero combustion dry herb vapes in the world, the Airis GetHi G6. In your hand it looks like a plain box, like a battery bank, thanks to the hidden mouthpiece which can be revealed by simply sliding a button on the front. With the 100% pure ceramic chamber loaded, turn the device on to immediately begin baking your herbs. When it has reached the target temperature, set by alternating through three settings with a single click of the button, the GetHi G6 will silently vibrate to let you know it is ready to be enjoyed. The oven is isolated to ensure the best taste from any herb or flower you use, and the airflow tunnel features vapor cooling technology so you will never expose your lungs to superheated vapor again.

Take your herbs and flower with you wherever you go with the most discreet and inconspicuous vape on the market, the Airis GetHi G6.

Discreet Glass Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece on the GetHi G6 is hidden from the view of prying eyes and is fully replaceable. Simply push up on the slide rail to extend the glass mouthpiece up and out of the Gethi G6 for quick and easy use.

To replace, simply pull it straight out. Every Airis GetHi G6 includes 2 spare glass mouthpieces.

Variable Voltage

405° F

420° F

435° F

Get the most out of what you put in to the GetHi G6 with three temperature settings. Choose between 405° F, 420° F, or 435° F to bake your herbs and flower at the perfect temperature to unlock their flavor profiles and enjoy to their fullest.

Zero Combustion; Isolated Ceramic Chamber

The food grade, 100% ceramic heating chamber is located at the bottom of the GetHi G6 and is hidden behind a quick-release door. Access the heating chamber easily by sliding back on the release button. The heating chamber door is spring-loaded for your convenience. As the chamber heats, the herb smoke and vapor remains contained in the oven until you're ready. When you take a toke, the isolated airflow helps to cool the vapor before inhalation all the while preserving the fresh taste of your herb.

Available in Two Colors

Included in this Kit


  • Rainbow Airis Gethi G6 battery body.1800mAh Battery


  • Two glass mouthpiece tubes.2x Glass Mouthpiece Tubes


  • USB Charging Cable (Micro USB)
  • Herb Stirring Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual


Button Controls

  • Turn On/Off: 5 Clicks
    • Device begins pre-heating immediately.
  • Change Voltage Setting: 1 Click

Instructions & How-To's

How to Use the Airis GetHi G6

Loading your Airis GetHi G6 is the first step to enjoying this powerful dry herb vaporizer. Follow these steps to get loaded and ready.

Estimated cost: 5 in USD

Total time: 5 minutes


  • Ground herbs & flower


Load the Airis GetHi G6

1. Open the Heating Chamber

Release the heating chamber door by using your thumb or fingernail to gently push the notched slide release button located on the bottom of the device back toward the hinge.

  • The heating chamber door is spring loaded and will easily open when you push the slide release button.

2. Load with Ground Herbs

Finely grind your favorite herb and then load it into the heating chamber.

  • Be careful not to over pack the chamber! The key to enjoying the GetHi G6 is leaving airflow through your herb.

3. Close the Heating Chamber

To close the heating chamber door, push down into place and use your thumb or fingernail to push the notched slide release button toward the hinge. The slide release button will lock into place once released.

Activate the Device

1. Power On the GetHi G6

Press the power button 5 times rapidly to power the GetHi G6 on or off.

2. Set Desired Temperature

Click the power button once to cycle between three temperature settings.

  • The default temperature for the GetHi G6 is 405 degrees.

    • Green: 405 degrees.
    • Blue: 420 degrees.
    • White: 435 degrees.
3. Wait for Heating

The Airis GetHi G6 begins preheating immediately. When heating is complete, the device will silently vibrate to notify you it is ready.

  • While the device is preheating, the indicator light will flash.

  • Once the proper temperature has been achieved, the light will turn solid and the device will discreetly vibrate.

4. Enjoy!

Raise the GetHi G6's mouthpiece by sliding the front button up and slowly inhale.

  • It is recommended to wait 5-10 seconds between hits.

5. Continue Enjoying or Power Off

The GetHi G6 will remain at temperature for 3 minutes. After that it will automatically power off. To turn the device off sooner, press the power button 5 times rapidly.


1. Power Off & Cool Down

Power the device off and ensure it is completely cooled down before cleaning.

2. Brush Out Loose Herb

Use the included cleaning brush to gently remove any remaining pieces of herb inside and around the chamber.

Do not allow any oil, wax, or other liquid to enter the ceramic heating chamber. Vaporizer will stop working if any wax, oil, or liquid enters the ceramic heating chamber.

GetHi G6 Temperature Controls

  • The Gethi G6 has tthree temperature settings to choose from. An indicator light on the top of the device will illuminate in accordance with the device's current temperature settting.
    • Green: 405° F
    • Blue: 420° F
    • White: 435° F
  • The default temperature for the GetHi G6 is 405° F and can be adjusted by pressing the power button once.
  • While the device is preheating the indicator light will flash.
  • Once the proper temperature has been achieved, the light will turn solid.
  • For the best experience, wait 5-10 seconds between hits.

Charging the GetHi G6

  • The indicator light will flash red 10 times when the battery is getting low.
  • Once the battery has become fully drained the device will power off.
  • To charge, plug a powered Micro USB cable (included) into the charging port on the device.
  • The indicator light will illuminate a solid red while the GetHi G6 is charging and will shut off once charging is complete.
  • Please fully charge the device before use.
  • Charging time is typically 2-3 hours.

Please note:

During and after use the device will reach very high temperatures. Do not clean or disassemble the GetHi G6 until it has cooled completely.

Do not immerse the device in any type of liquid as it will damage the device and render it inoperable.


Do not allow any oil, wax, or other liquid to enter the ceramic heating chamber. Vaporizer will stop working if any wax, oil, or liquid enters the ceramic heating chamber.

Battery mAh:
1800 mAh