aLeaf 11" Double Matrix Bong

By: aLeaf Glass

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  • 11" tall glass bong. 
  • 2 matrix percs for ultimate filtration. 
  • Made with high quality borosilicate glass. 
  • Available in assorted colors. 

When you want percolation, arm yourself with double the power with the aLeaf Glass Double Matrix Bong.

This is a high quality glass bong rivaling pieces in our Dopezilla brand collection. 5mm thick borosilicate glass gives this water pipe weight and quality. Inside, two matrix percs shine in the light waiting to percolate your smoke and vapor.

Its stemless design means no downstem to misplace or break and helps this piece look sleek and clean. Its straight body makes it look modern and at home with any collection.

Colorful accents help this otherwise clear bong stand out: its base, mouthpiece, and logo are all a solid color while the percs inside are a cool translucent shade.

If you're a fan of Dopezilla but want something different for your collection, or if you're a toking afficionado who appreciates filtration and percolation, the aLeaf 11" Double Matrix Bong is a cool piece you'll want to grab!

Borosilicate Glass
Body Shape:
Straight Cylinder
Glass Thickness:
14mm Female
Included Accessories:
14mm Male Glass Bowl
2x Percs