aLeaf 14" Spec Head Beaker Bong, Assorted Colors

By: aLeaf Glass

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  • 14" glass beaker bong. 
  • Thick 9mm borosilicate glass. 
  • Handle grip ice catcher. 
  • Unique matrix perc downstem. 
  • Includes 5" downstem and 14mm bowl. 
  • Available in assorted graphic styles. 

Built for the spec heads, aLeaf Spec Head Beaker Bongs are built with top quality specifications any smoker can appreciate.

High-quality borosilicate glass is laid 9mm thick for a heavy glass bong you can feel the quality in. Every wall is consistently 9mm thick with extra on the base and mouthpiece.

Even the ice catcher, which is pinched in to form a grip, is as thick as the rest of the piece.

What is most unique is the included downstem with this bong. The Spec Head Beaker Bong itself has no perc, and while other bongs rely on a diffused downstem to percolate smoke aLeaf has gone the extra mile and created a customized matrix perc downstem. It's just like other downstems smokers are accustomed to, but at the end of this one is a fully functional matrix perc! How cool!

Bottom line: if you care about the quality of your bong and are looking for one made of high quality specs, the aLeaf Spec Head is the one you've been looking for.

aLeaf 14" Spec Head Beaker Bongs are available in an assortment of graphic styles. The glass bong is clear but the printed logos vary in color and graphic style. Each order will receive a random color or style.

This is the Heavy Duty Spec Head Beaker for all the Heavy Duty hitters. With its 9mm thickness and ice catcher handle, it can stand any kind of party. Not to mention the added filtration you get from the custom matrix down stem!!

aLeaf Glass

Borosilicate Glass
Body Shape:
Glass Thickness:
19mm Female
Diffused Downstem
Included Accessories:
14mm / 19mm Matrix Perc Downstem
Included Accessories:
14mm Male Glass Bowl
Ice Catcher
Neck Diameter:
Base Diameter:
Downstem Length: