aLeaf Three Dot Wig Wag Bowl 14mm, Assorted Styles

By: aLeaf Glass

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Once a signature of Heady Glass bongs, the Wig Wag style has made its way into Heady accessories!

aLeaf Three Dot Wig Wag Bowls are Heady bowls for your bongs and rigs, transforming the most basic glass pieces into works of art. Their large, cylindrical body is decorated with a colorful Wig Wag pattern and dotted with three glass dots.

14mm male joints mean they fit most bongs on the market today, and their deep bowl makes them very easy to enjoy.

Make your bong Heady with a Three Dot Wig Wag Bowl. Grab one, or three, today!

Available in Assorted Styles

aLeaf Three Dot Wig Wag Bowls are available in assorted styles. The pictures above do not reflect our current selection. Each order will receive a random style.

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90 Degree