American Grinder 89mm 4 Part Grinder, Assorted Colors

By: American Grinder

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Maybe you're preparing to have a good time with your friends. Or maybe you're getting ready to attempt the RAWKET Challenge! Whatever the occasion, when you need to grind a large amount of tobacco or herbs, the American Grinder 89mm 4 Part Grinder will be the best tool in your arsenal. At a whopping 89mm, nearly 3.5", in diameter, this is the largest grinder in our entire catalog! Classic aluminum 4 piece grinder with super sharp diamond shaped CNC machined teeth, and a magnetized center.

The four piece design of this grinder results in 3 chambers: the grinder chamber, herb collection chamber, and pollen chamber.

Available in Assorted Colors

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Grinder Size:
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4 Parts
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3 Chambers