American Weigh Scales 2610g Triple Beam Scale

By: American Weigh Scales

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  • Accurately weighs up to 2,610 grams. 
  • Mechanical action; no batteries required. 
  • Great for science or cooking. 

With a max weight of 2610g at 0.1g precision, the American Weigh Scales 2610g Triple Beam Scale is the best scale for weighing anything.

Powered by pure mechanics and physics, this scale needs no batteries. To operate, simply slide the weights on the beams until the dial levels out at 0.

It features a high-quality stainless steel pan/platform; this weighing pan has magnetic damping for fast, easy use. Additionally, its tiered beams have various increments, allowing you to identify the weight of an object with accuracy and ease, and its durability ensures that it will provide many years of service.

This triple beam balance includes special attachment weights; this additional weight set provides greater counterweight and gives it a 2610 g capacity with 0.1 g sensitivity.

Mechanical balances take a few seconds for the beam to stabilize each time you move a weight on the beam. This scale, though, uses a magnetic clamp to make the final readout fast and accurate.

Up your measuring game with the American Weigh Scales 2610g Triple Beam Scale today!