Aqua Works 9" Colored Vase Banger Hanger Bong

By: Aqua Works

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  • 9" tall. 
  • Stemless banger hanger style with a ball perc. 
  • Unique vase-shaped body. 
  • Bright colored accents and dark, full color body. 
  • Includes 14mm dry herb bowl. 

If you like keeping your bong water hidden and simply enjoy your herbs, reach for the Colored Vase Banger Hanger Bong from Aqua Works Glass.

The whole vase body of this bong is tinted to keep the water inside hidden, yet its still translucent so you can watch the percolation in action without having a crystal clear piece.

Both the mouthpiece and the included bowl have a bright green color on them, which complement the green tint on this bong's body.

Its banger hanger style joint means it has an upright 14mm female connection joint with a built-in drip catch reclaimer to ensure every bit of material gets used or reclaimed for later. At the end of the fixed downstem is a ball perc with 5 small holes to gently percolate your smoke for clean tastes.