Aqua Works 9" Donut Cone Water Pipe

By: Aqua Works

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  • 9" Tall
  • Unique & Awesome Twin Donut Chambers and a Cone Body
  • Fixed Stem & Inline Perc
  • Colored Accents

Are you looking for a unique and cool glass piece to make your collection something special? The Aqua Works Donut Cone Water Pipe is the perfect piece to be a center piece in any collection!

This work of art has a cone-shaped body sitting on a wide, thick base, two donut cooling chambers, and a barrel chamber at its top, all powered by a long fixed stem with an inline perc. If you love terpenes and getting the most flavor out of your smoke, this bong is the best you will find: its long stem and inline perc ensure your smoke retains all of its terps before being gently percolated and purified, and the donut chambers make a longer path for smoke to cool before finally reaching your lips.

Whether you enjoy dry herbs or waxy dabs, the Aqua Works Donut Cone Water Pipe can't be beat. It looks great, is made from thick glass, and provides smooth hits.

Available in Assorted Colors

Aqua Works produces their pieces with a wide range of colored accents, as seen in the base, perc, and mouthpiece on this piece. Such colors include Slime Green, Pink, Blue, and Gold. Slime Green pictured above.

Each order will receive one color at random. If you're interested in the colors we currently have in stock, feel free to Contact Us and we can set you up with the perfect piece for your collection.

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