Aqua Works 6" Mini Barrel Bong

By: Aqua Works

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  • 6" Tall
  • Fixed Stem, Showerhead Perc
  • Barrel-Shaped, Cylindrical Body
  • Bent Neck
  • Banger-Hanger Design with 14mm Female Joint
  • Includes 14mm Dry Herb Bowl

If you're looking for a cool, compact water pipe for your collection, this is the perfect piece for you. The Aqua Works 6" Mini Barrel Bong has both form and function in a small package.

The water pipe's main chamber is only 3" tall and is shaped like a barrel, a cylinder to maximize its volume and provide maximum percolation for its small size. This piece features a bent neck which is offset from the center of the center of the body so only the best smoke flows through. On the opposite side, its "banger hanger" stemless joint connects directly to a showerhead perc inside of the bong.

Available in Assorted Colors

As typical for Aqua Works, this piece is available in a variety of colored accents, seen in the base, perc, mouthpiece, and accessory. Available colors include Slime Green, Pink, Blue, and Gold. Pink shown above.

Each order will receive one color at random. If you're interested in the colors we currently have in stock, feel free to Contact Us and we can set you up with the perfect piece for your collection.

Included Accessories

Body Shape:
Straight Cylinder
Perc Type:
Joint Size:
Joint Gender:
Bent Neck