Attaglass 6" Small Glitter Bubble Bong with Base

By: Attaglass

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This product is available in an assortment of colors.
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  • 6" Tall
  • Colored Glass with Gold Glitter Spots
  • Available in Many Colors
  • Includes 9mm Slide Bowl

Wow! These bongs look really cool! Standing 6 inches tall and resting on a solid disc base, these "Flask Bottle" style bongs are adorned with sparkling spots of gold glitter around its bubble chamber that make this bong really stand out. These Attaglass 6" Small Glitter Bubble Bongs look very special, and since we receive these glass pieces in random assortments there's no guarantee we will ever see them like this again.

If you've ever wanted a brilliant, sparkling glass bong, grab one of these before they're gone!

These 6" Glitter Bongs are available in assorted colors. The pictures above do not reflect our current selection. Each order will receive a random color.

What is Soft Glass?

tldr: Soft glass expands much faster when exposed to heat than borosilicate glass, which means it can become very fragile if exposed to a flame for long periods of time. However, since soft glass is easier to work with, this also means they're easier to produce and are cheaper than other borosilicate pieces.

Soft Glass doesn't mean "low quality," it's simply a different type of glass which is easier to produce.

All of our soft glass pieces arrive as essentially a glass vase. We use a water drill in-house to cut a hole in each piece and insert a glass downstem and seal it up, and every soft glass piece comes with a slide bowl for immediate use.

Soft Glass
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