Attaglass 7" Skinny "Snowman" Bubble Bong with Base and Hat, Assorted

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  • 7" Tall
  • "Skinny" Style 2.5" Wide
  • Bubble Design with Round Base
  • Neck features a Wrap and Rounded Mouthpiece
  • Assorted Colors
  • Includes 9mm Glass Slide Bowl

Enjoy filtered smoke in this compact bubble bong! This 7" Skinny Snowman with Base and Hat features a large bubble water chamber with a second bubble on top of it which acts as both a vortex and splash guard, cooling your smoke and ensuring no water reaches your lips. To top it off, this bong has a comfortably rounded mouthpiece at its top.

All of our Soft Glass pieces are finished with a silicone grommet-sealed glass downstem and include a 9mm glass slide bowl for use right out of the box.

Available in Assorted Colors

These 7" Bubble Bongs come in a variety of brilliant colors, spotted and swirled around the length of the water pipe. You can request a specific color by using the "Preferred Color" option* above, or leave it as "No Preference" and we will pick one at random for you.

*We cannot guarantee that your selected color will be in stock. Available colors are subject to change without notice. If you request a color we do not have we will fill your order with a similarly amazing color.

What are those letters in parentheses after the color? That's to help us be sure we pick the right one! Each bong is boxed up and printed with a number and lettering scheme. We described these as best we can for you, but some colors are obvious, like GYR meaning Green, Yellow, Red.

All Soft Glass is Finished In-House

"Soft Glass" is a specific type of glass used to make water pipes. You may know of Borosilicate or Quartz: these are also glasses, but they're also more expensive. Soft Glass maintains a low price because, unlike more expensive glasses, it will expand faster when exposed to heat. This can make it brittle if misused, but through proper use and care you won't even know a difference!

We receive every piece of Soft Glass as, essentially, a vase. When you order a piece, we take it to a wet drill (water-fed to reduce the heat from friction) and drill a hole into a specific spot on the pipe. Then we finish it with a silicone grommet and glass downstem, so the pipe is ready to be used when you get it!