Beamer Candle Co. Angelina's Blueberry Pie Aromatic Mini Candle

By: Beamer Candle Company

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  • 4 oz. miniature candle. 
  • Deliciously sweet blueberry pie flavor. 
  • Soy blend candle with a long 22 hour burn time. 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

Nothing, but nothing, beats a fresh blueberry pie. Packed with blueberries, sugar, and that crust that gets gooey as the blueberry syrup gets into it... Get all the delicious tastes you expect from a blueberry pie with none of the calories when you light up an Angelina's Blueberry Pie Aromatic Mini Candle.

Candles from the Smoke Killer Collection contain natural smoke & odor killing enzymes that absorb and eliminate bad odors in the air, producing a fresh smelling home that stays that way even after the candle’s out.

Making up 4 ounces of soy blend wax, with a properly trimmed wick the candle can have a burn time of up to 22 hours.

Classic and nostalgic, like being back at grandma’s house with a blueberry pie in the oven—that’s the sweet aroma this candle provides. Housed in a 4 ounce glass mason jar and made of natural soy blend wax, each candle can burn for up to 22 hours—longer than many of the competition! And the glass mason jar can be reusable once the candle’s done.

Beamer Candle Co.

Candle Size:
4 oz.
Burn Time, Approx.:
22 Hours
Aromatic Home Series
Angelina's Blueberry Pie