Beamer Candle Co. Skinny Dippin' Lime in the Coco Odor Eliminating Mini Candle

By: Beamer Candle Company

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  • 4 oz. miniature candle. 
  • Mellow surf-side scent. 
  • Soy blend candle with a long 22 hour burn time. 
  • Contains enzymes that absorb and eliminate foul odors.
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

When you put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up you wind up with Skinny Dippin' Lime in the Coco, a candle packed with the delicious scents of lime and coconut and powered up to eliminate odors.

Candles from the Smoke Killer Collection contain natural smoke & odor killing enzymes that absorb and eliminate bad odors in the air, producing a fresh smelling home that stays that way even after the candle’s out.

Making up 4 ounces of soy blend wax, with a properly trimmed wick the candle can have a burn time of up to 22 hours.

Lime and coconut come together in exciting harmony in this crisp and refreshing scent. It’s a tropical vacation, right in your home!

Beamer Candle Co.

Candle Size:
4 oz.
Burn Time, Approx.:
22 Hours
Smoke Killer Collection
Skinny Dippin' Lime in the Coco