Aqua Pipe - The Best Portable Water Pipe

Aqua Pipe - The Best Portable Water Pipe

Posted by Craig Jones on Aug 01, 2018

The Aqua Pipe has been seen by many smokers as the best portable waterpipe on the market for several years. Waterbeds 'n' Stuff has owned the rights to the Aqua Pipe since the early 1980's and is the exclusive manufacturer. Long before the advancement of vaping technology, we invested in the world’s first conveniently portable self-contained water pipe. Our company has always been committed to providing the products that people need to safely and freely indulge as they choose.

Shortly before we developed the Aqua Pipe, we had found research on water filtration and how it was superior. Very few people were using water filtration and we wanted to bring it to the world to allow them to smoke healthier and cleaner. Water filtration removes harmful carcinogens and particulate matter thereby keeping the lungs cleaner. Another dangerous aspect of smoke is heat, however, water cools the smoke as it filters it.

The Aqua Pipe was patented in 1979. The inventor used the research of the National Cancer Institute as the basis and motivation for the pursuit of an Aqua Pipe patent. On the inside of every pipe you will find the research pointing to a 91% reduction in tar when smoke is filtered through water with a water pipe. Hoffman, Rathkamp, Wynder, et al., 1963 by Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 31, No 3, Pgs. 627-635.

The Aqua Pipe is one of the few truly mobile waterpipes. The stem can be folded in and out to take up less space. This makes it extremely efficient compared to other waterpipes. In addition to the small size and efficient design, most importantly when you close the stem the water doesn’t spill and you can transport the Aqua Pipe with no risk of spilling.

Another great advantage of the Aqua Pipe is that it is very durable and will not easily break. The body of the pipe is far more durable than most other waterpipes which are typically constructed from glass. The patented phenolic resin bowl is nearly indestructible. It doesn’t melt like plastic and is extremely clean like glass. Clean smoke and sturdy design make this a unique bowl that can be easily screwed in and out of place.

The Aqua Pipe can be completely deconstructed and broken down into its individual parts. Each of those parts are dishwasher safe which allow for the cleanest, freshest smoke every time. This allows you to have a completely clean resin-free hit every use if you choose. This can also help you reduce risk when traveling with the pipe by cleaning it first.

Originally the pipe was just available in a few base colors however today the Aqua Pipe is available in black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, and teal among others. You can buy multiple colors to match any mood and brighten up any party or smoke session. It has a cool and unique futuristic, yet organic retro feel.

The best way to smoke has been and will always be fresh water. Water is the source of life and the only way to smoke. For this reason, the Aqua Pipe is the only pipe to come with scientific data inside the pipe illustrating the benefits of its effective water filtration. It is the safest and cleanest pipe of the future and the past. And best of all it is made in America with all American parts!

This article should serve as a good guide to help you understand the benefits of the Aqua Pipe and take you through the history of one of the world’s healthiest and most convenient pipes. If you would like any more help purchasing an Aqua Pipe, selecting a color or learning anything else, you can live chat with us online at or come into any one of our 13 Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff retail locations.

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