Butane Torches Reviewed: Buying the Best Torch for Dabs

Butane Torches Reviewed: Buying the Best Torch for Dabs

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Aug 01, 2018

With the proliferation of vaporization and its related tools and technologies, there has been a corresponding increase in the use of concentrates. The preferred method and device for most connoisseurs to smoke concentrates is in a dab rig. With few exceptions, when using dab rigs, concentrates are heated in a nail or banger, the various benefits and disadvantages of which were discussed in a previous blog post. The large majority of nails and bangers must be heated with a torch to raise the heat to the point of vaporization. In this blog, we will discuss some of the important considerations when buying a torch and give reviews on some of the most popular and best torches for dabs.

When choosing a torch, it is easy to view this accessory as expendable, thus making it seem that the cheaper option is best. This could not be further from the truth. In the spirit of having a good healthy dabbing experience, it all begins with the method of heating your vaporization surface. Also, much of the money saved by buying a cheap torch is lost on having to buy more butane or replacing a broken torch.

Butane vs. Propane

Many nails may require a higher heat torch than your typical pocket torch. This has led the table torch to become the preferred option. When considering table torches, a propane torch may seem like an attractive option due to its low price, common availability, and the conservative fuel supply. However, propane torches are most certainly not a good torch to use for doing dabs. Propane does not burn off nearly as clean as the alternative, butane. This means that propane causes incomplete combustion, something you should absolutely avoid when vaporizing concentrates, due to its many negative health effects. Without a doubt, butane is the preferred fuel source when attempting to achieve pure vaporization. Butane’s clear health advantages begin to narrow down the search for many buyers when searching for a torch.

Burn Temperature and Use Considerations

When considering the purchase of a torch the most common things a buyer should take into consideration is how often they intend to use the torch and what kind of vaporization surface they intend to use. Materials such as titanium and nails containing a high content of quartz will require a larger, higher temperature torch, while in contrast, nectar collectors can be used with a more conservative torch. If the torch will be used frequently, regardless of method, it is always recommended that a larger higher temperature torch is used in this case as well. This is due to the fact that a higher temperature torch will heat the vaporization surface quicker, meaning less burn time for each dab and causing less long-term stress on the torch. Many torch buyers come to the conclusion that buying a higher-end torch saves them money in the long-term due to decreased torch repairs and failures.

Most concentrate smokers prefer more sizable torches that burn at extremely high temperatures, such as the Blazer Big Shot GT8000, which boasts a burn temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit and the Whip-it! Flex torch and also shares a robust 2500 degree Fahrenheit burn temperature. Higher burn temperatures and strong reputations for reliability set them apart from the lower priced competition. The company This Thing Rips has also become extremely popular due to the fact that it offers some more affordable options for vapers that want to spend slightly less money but still get something reliable. The This Thing Rips Mega Torch claims to have a 2700 degree Fahrenheit burn temperature. If this claim is true, that would make it the only company on this list that beats Blazer and Whip-it! In burn temperature. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at these options in order to get a better understanding of them and why they have become so popular.

Torch Review

Blazer Big Shot GT8000

Blazer Big Shot GT8000:

The Blazer Big Shot GT8000 torch can be seen in use by many famous concentrate smokers on various social media platforms. This is due to the fact that when it comes down to the question of which torch is the best on the market the Blazer Big Shot GT8000 is one of the most reliable, user-friendly, and well-known torches on the market. This makes it a popular option amongst not only veteran vapers but those just starting out as well. When it comes to heating with this torch it would be hard to find a company that could outdo them as the Blazer Big Shot GT8000 has a high burn temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The user-friendly controls on the rear portion of the torch make it easy for a user to quickly get acquainted with the operation of this torch. The simplistic design involving only one knob and a single button allows the user control over the intensity of the flame. Another favorite feature for many consumers is the fact that the ignition button only needs to be clicked once in order to maintain a flame, while most torches require the button to be held down. This allows the user to stand the torch upright on the table top and warm the nail in a more convenient manner than other torches on the market. The Big Shot also has an extremely large storage chamber for butane making it extremely long lasting and giving its buyers another reason to keep coming back. A testimony to the durability and popularity of this torch is that, after purchasing one, many of its consumers develop a strong brand loyalty to the Big Shot and Blazer, as a company.

Whip-it! Flex

The Flex torch by Whip-it! is another flame belching high-end torch that is sure to last any vaper a significant amount of time. The burn temp of this torch is 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it hard to beat and comparable to only a few options other than the Blazer Big Shot GT8000. The key differences in this torch from the standard are evident upon first inspection and definitely make it one of the most unique choices on the market. The flex torch offers its users the ability to change the angle of the flame between 3 separate positions. First is the standard 90-degree angle, second is a 45-degree angle, and third is completely vertical. This function is extremely useful for a vaper that likes using many different vaporization surfaces of various shapes and sizes. The flex torch also gives its user the option of having to hold the trigger to maintain the flame or clicking it once to have the flame maintain itself. All of these features are part of the charm many consumers see in this torch, however, someone looking for something simple or toned-down may find it slightly confusing. This being said, the Whip-it! Flex torch is still one of the best torches on the market, and sure to please any prospective buyer.

This Thing Rips Mega Torch:

The Mega Torch not only boasts the highest burn temperature on this list, but also a robust nine-inch adjustable flame. This torch also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, has a flame lock, and can also be converted into a soft flame torch with the flip of a switch. Although the Mega Torch doesn't have the reputation for longevity, it also doesn't skip out on options or burn temp. This combined with the smaller price tag brings many Mega Torch buyers back again and again. The Mega Torch is also of a slightly more conservative size than the two others already discussed, making it a popular option for those looking for a mid-size torch. This does mean a smaller chamber for butane storage, however depending on personal usage could still be considered more than adequate, especially for a casual or novice vaper.

While Blazer, This Thing Rips, and Whip-it! all have their hot burning bestsellers, they also realize that not every consumer is in search of a large flame belching table torch for their casual consumption needs. For this reason, these companies also offer some smaller, more conservative options. Blazer offers the Big Buddy and Firefox mini. Compared to the Big Shot GT8000, both of these hold less butane for a more conservative and compact feel while still boasting a 2500 degree Fahrenheit burn temperature. Newport, another big name in the torch industry has a slightly more economical option called the Newport 6-inch cigar lighter. The Newport 6 most notably boasts a 40-minute burn time rather than highlighting high burn temperatures. That makes this torch ideal for thin glass nails and nectar collectors. As we did with the larger options, let's take a closer look at these torches, for a more in-depth explanation.

Blazer Big Buddy

Blazer Big Buddy:

The Big Buddy is Blazer’s mid-size torch. It comes with a similar simplicity to the Big Shot GT8000, as well as the same burn temperature. The Big Buddy also gives the user the choice of having either a continuous flame or needing to hold the ignition button in place, unlike the Big Shot. Also unlike the big shot, it comes with a safety lock, which must be unlocked every time the user wishes to activate the torch. This feature can be quite useful for those who wish to make sure their torch is secure at all times or those who want a torch for on-the-go. The locking mechanism makes it easy for a vaper to throw their torch in their bag or backpack, meaning the user won't have to worry about an accidental ignition. The compact design, simple controls, and automatically locking ignition combined with its un-compromised burn temperature make this torch a great option for any prospective buyer.

Blazer Firefox

Blazer Firefox:

The Blazer Firefox mini comes in at an extremely compact four and a half inches tall weighing only seven ounces, making it the smallest, most compact torch on this list. This makes it perfect for any prospective buyer needing a sleek torch they can easily take almost anywhere. Despite the small stature of this mini torch, Blazer still did not compromise their 2500 degree Fahrenheit burn temperature. This makes the Firefox perfect for small nails, nectar collectors, on-the-go vaping, and even an at-home torch for casual vapers. The price of this torch is comparable to that of the Blazer Big Buddy, making it a choice of preference for prospective buyers. It is recommended that if the buyer wishes to use their torch more frequently and mainly for at home use that they purchase the Big Buddy due to its larger butane storage chamber, however, this should not lower the buyer’s opinion of the Firefox mini. Considering these two torches have the same burn temperature, it should come down to a preference of size, use, and style.

This Thing Rips Mini Torch:

The Mini Torch has the same design and features as This Thing Rips’ larger version, the Mega Torch. The Mini Torch maintains its 2700 degree Fahrenheit with the same sure-fire instant ignition featured in the Mega Torch, as well as a grade A ceramic barrel for controlled heat dispersion. Since the ignition and locks are the same this is a great torch for anyone looking for a more portable version of the Mega Torch. The locking mechanism on the Mini Torch must be manually flipped, in contrast to the Blazer Big Buddy which has an automatic lock. This should be extremely satisfying for people who would rather have to manually turn the lock on their torch.

This Thing Rips Micro Torch

This Thing Rips Micro Torch:

The Micro Torch is the cheapest and most portable version of the This Thing Rips torches. The Micro Torch, much like its larger relatives, has a 2700 degree Fahrenheit burn temperature. Sacrificing only a small amount of butane storage this torch falls under a similar category to the Blazer Firefox Mini with a slightly higher burn temp, however, it has less of a reputation for durability meaning it is important to the consumer to decide if they want a hotter flame or a slightly more durable torch. The Micro Torch makes up for its lesser durability with a limited lifetime warranty, which should cover many issues a user would naturally encounter. The Micro Torch is definitely one of the best torches available in this small size range, especially for vapers that need a slightly more powerful option on the go.

Newport 6 Inch

Newport 6 Inch:

The Newport 6 Inch has the longest burn in its size range capping out at fourth minutes. While the Newport does not quite match the reputation of the high temps from Blazer and This Thing Rips, they make up for it with a solid build and a longer burn time. Overall this torch could suit a consumer looking for a smaller more conservative choice, especially one looking to save a little bit of money on butane. The Newport 6 Inch is also perfect for vapers who prefer methods of vaporization like a nectar collector or small glass nail, as it may take longer to heat a more sizable vaporization surface.

It is important to consider each of these factors when attempting to pick the best torch for your individual needs. Luckily for you, you can chat with us online, call us, or speak with the clerk at your local smokeshop.

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