E Rigs: Electronic Dab Rigs are Better than the Best E Nails

E Rigs: Electronic Dab Rigs are Better than the Best E Nails

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Aug 03, 2018

Torches have become an integral accessory to the current smoking community due to the increasing ubiquity of concentrates. Modern smoke shops offer a wide range of the common tabletop torches, however, there are smokers who would rather avoid these flame belching utensils due to fear of being burned. Many people are not comfortable making torches household items because of these fears and have begun exploring alternative methods of vaporizing concentrates. This has ultimately led consumers to be drawn towards e-nails. E-rigs are effectively a more powerful and accurate evolution of the e-nail, a device that works like a dab rig without the need for a torch.

E-rigs are electronic dab rigs used for the consumption of concentrates without using fire. Most e-rigs have similar designs, due to the needs of concentrates users and the obvious imitation of a traditional dab rig. While E-rigs may all appear to be similar, their various functions and effectiveness may vary drastically.

The benefits of using an e-rig beyond not involving fire include the discrete travel ability they possess, an adjustable temperature control, and easily cleanable parts. The ability to safely transport e-rigs, has led many people who travel with concentrates to seek them out. The adjustable temperature control allows the vaper to decide the exact temperature at which they prefer to vape. In addition to exact temperature control, the easy cleaning combined with the other benefits have made e-rigs increasingly sought after. Some of the most popular options include the Randy's Pilot, Sutra DBR, and Doctor Dabber Boost. On top of that, there are some high powered concentrate pens that some companies consider e-rigs, they have distinct differences, but will still be discussed as e-rigs in this article.

Randy's Pilot E-Rig - Randy's Pilot E-Nail - Randy's Pilot Concentrate VaporizerThe first, and most commonly sold e-rig is the Randy’s Pilot. This e-rig is slightly less advanced than some of the other options, however, it comes with the added bonus of having the option to be used as a concentrate pen. The Randy's Pilot features a ceramic doughnut coil as well as two different options for the rig attachment. The power source is an encased 18650 battery, which is rechargeable. This means that the pilot is considerably more powerful than your average concentrate pen. The coil also operates with a Sub-Ohm resistance, meaning it heats up fairly quickly and to higher temperatures. The ceramic coil also offers superior flavor to many other options on the market. Ceramic is also notoriously easy to clean when still warm, allowing users to make coils last for long periods of time. The pen top is glass so you can view the reaction chamber and so the user can clean the top easily. These benefits make it one of the most popular and easily portable e-rigs on the market, however, it is notable that it does not have an adjustable temperature control like some of the other options on the market. For those seeking a cooler hit with water filtration, there is the Randy's Aqua Pilot.

Dr Dabber Boost E-Nail Black Edition 2 - Doctor Dabber Boost E-rig

The Doctor Dabber Boost is the second e-rig we will be taking a look at in this article. The Boost only has two temperature settings, high and low. This is partly due to the company’s belief that lower temperatures are better for vaporizing concentrates while preserving the flavorful terpenes. Dr. Dabber is one of the most well-known e-rig brands, however, the Boost's lack of exact temperature control is considered by some to be a major disadvantage compared to some of the newer competitive e-rigs. The boost does have some of the best flavor on the market due to these low temperature, so the temperature control comes down to a decision of preference. The Dr. Dabber Boost is also extremely user-friendly due to its increased battery and one button system to which many e-rig vapers have become accustomed. It also features some of the nicest water filtration attachments on the market and is produced by an extremely reputable company. The Boost features three kinds of nails, ceramic, quartz, and titanium. This allows the user another level of customization and preference, and the options in coil material all have their own distinct benefits.

Sutra DBR E-Nail - Sutra DBR Portable E-Nail - Sutra Dabber E-Rig

The Sutra DBR is the final e-rig we will be discussing in this article and is easily the most advanced and customizable. It features a fully adjustable exact temperature control, 4 coil options, multiple water filtration options, and replaceable 18650 batteries. The temperature control is a favorite amongst many vapers due to that fact that ideal temperatures for vaporizing concentrates are a decision of preference for many vapers. The Sutra DBR goes up to eight hundred degrees which is more than enough to vaporize any concentrate. The four different nail options are ceramic, titanium, quartz, and silicon carbide. The silicon carbide, or stone nail, is fairly unique to the Sutra DBR. This also allows the user more customization than any other e-rig discussed in this article. The replaceable 18650 means that vapers could essentially always keep the unit charge by simply having a second battery ready while charging the first and so on. All together this makes the Sutra DBR the most advanced and preferred e-rig by many vapers.

With e-rigs becoming popular it wasn't long before more concentrate pen companies wanted to cash in on this trend by making high powered versions of their smaller pens like Randy’s did for vaporizing larger amounts of concentrates. These include the R Series Rig Edition, Snowcloudz Dab Box, and Snowcloudz Crest.

The R-series rig edition is an increased 18650 battery similar to the Randy’s pilot, however, the coils and overall design are different. The Rig edition is simply a high powered version of their smaller pens that features exposed coils and concentrate storage, built into the bottom. It is not considered an e-rig due to the fact that it must be pre-loaded and used in the same way the smaller pens would be. The Snowcloudz Dab Box and Crest are both designed to operate more like an e-cig on top of a box mod, however, it is notable that they are the most powerful of all the high powered concentrate pens and one of the most flavorful options on the concentrate pen market. Both of these Snowcloudz products also offer rig sized hits but are still not considered to be full-blown e-rigs. These devices don’t have water filtration and must be preloaded with concentrates before being heated, unlike an e-rig which functions in a similar manner to a regular dab rig.

Overall, e-rigs will continue to advance and grow in popularity due to many people finding them easier, safer, and more convenient to use. This means that their function and customization will continue to increase and evolve, and future e-rigs will have even more great features and options.

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