Full Body Detox: Detox Drinks and Products to Remove Toxins

Full Body Detox: Detox Drinks and Products to Remove Toxins

Posted by Craig Jones on Aug 01, 2018

Detox in recent times has come to encompass a myriad of programs, products, and services. The word “detox” has become so ubiquitous that it has sort of lost its true meaning and begun to be a yuppie way to throw away a few extra bucks on a spa upgrade package. Now I do not want to disparage seaweed wraps, salt scrubs, dry brushing, or lymphatic drainage massages, because each of those has its place in the world if you want a full body detox. But there are still some of us that need a serious detox. Sometimes we need to truly rid our bodies of harmful toxins and other substances.

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Why Should I detox?

The need to detoxify our bodies arises for a number of reasons. Some people detox to remove heavy metals from their systems after exposure. Some people detox after ending a regimen of medication or to rid their system of all traces of a particular drug after exposure to drugs or following drug use. While the proper detox regimen will vary with the purpose and the detox product used, there are some things to remember for any successful detox.

What are the keys to a successful detox?

In order to get the most from any detox it is important to eat light healthy meals in the time leading up to the beginning of the program. Meals low in fats are typically preferred because many toxins are stored in the body’s fat cells or sit in the liver. Make sure to eat a diet rich in healthy fibers. Sodium intake should be reduced and alcohol consumption should be minimized. It will be important to ingest sufficient amounts of fluids and keep the body well hydrated and liver and kidneys working properly so the body can properly flush all toxins. It is also beneficial to get a healthy amount of exercise, as this will stimulate your circulatory system as well as encourage movement throughout your digestive system. It is important to burn fats and increase the metabolism to encourage your body to rid itself of toxins. With the proper diet and exercise we can detox and expel toxins and other unhealthy substances from our bodies.

What are the different types of detox products?

There are many different types of detox products on the market today depending on the needs of the person and the Detox Detoxify Herbal Cleanse Mouthwashspecific detox they are trying to achieve. The most common products are detox beverages. But for more specific detox purposes there are other products as well. There are detox shampoos to rid the hair of toxins. These shampoos are designed to cleanse the hair of toxins all the way down to the hair follicle. There is detox soap that is designed to cleanse the skin. There are even detox mouthwashes available to cleanse the saliva in the mouth.

What is in detox drinks and how should I choose one?

Most detox beverages are extremely high in B vitamins and have many other vitamins at dosages that are higher than appear in other foods and beverages. They also tend to use a proprietary blend of herbs, botanicals and extracts that are formulated in a way that is supposed to provide antioxidant properties and effects. It is common to see substances like creatine and herbs like milk thistle, nettles, dandelion and other herbs that tend to act as cleansers or diuretics.

How do I choose the proper detox beverage?

Choosing the proper detox beverage can be a daunting task, but it is manageable with the resources available to us today. You can access many online reviews to determine the most popular and effective detox beverages. Another good way to gain some data points to determine the best detox product for your purpose is to visit your local headshop or smokeshop and talk to the employees. They deal with people on a daily basis who have used these various detox products. When a product is ineffective, these people are the first to hear about it.

 Always choose a brand that has a long reputable history. Try to stick with some trusted brands like Detoxify Brand, Zydot or Pure Detox 710. I personally prefer Detoxify Brand products like Ready Clean and Mega Clean, because they have a full line of products. They have Ever Clean and pre-cleanse products to consistently and more effectively rid yourself of toxins and they even have products that are specially formulated for women. But I have heard other people disagree and adamantly promote other brands.

While certain brands have sustained and thrived on their strong reputations, the industry and availability of effective detox products is constantly changing and evolving. It is always smart to check to the newest technologies and products before you buy to make sure that you are finding the best and most effective product for you.

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