How to Make Vape Pen Cartridges from Wax Concentrates

How to Make Vape Pen Cartridges from Wax Concentrates

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Aug 01, 2018

Vaporization of concentrates now comes in many shapes and sizes due to the demands of the current market. Perhaps the most popular method of vaping concentrates has become pre-filled vape cartridges. These are simply small e-cigarette tanks or vape pen cartridges with a 510 thread filled with concentrate oil. For the rest of the article, I will refer to them by their popular name, “vape pens” or “vape pen cartridges.” Some people who wish to try this relatively recent innovation do not have access to them, so a good alternative is to simply make your own. The solution to making your own vape pen cartridges is to use a wax liquidizer to break down your high-quality wax and transform it into a much lower viscosity liquid. We will talk about about how to make vape pen cartridges or more specifically liquid vape pen cartridges from wax concentrates.

710 Ready Mix KitMultiple companies have come out with wax liquidizing solutions in order to turn concentrates into liquid to make vape pen cartridges, and many of the options are extremely simple and user-friendly. These liquidizing products are extremely easy do-it-yourself ways to make vape pens. The only items required are a metal dab tool, glass jar, the desired amount of concentrate, plastic syringe, and a microwave. There are three main brands that appear to represent most of the market for wax liquidizers, 710, Shatter Batter and Wax Liquidizer. 710 produces several different options, as far as supplies go, while Wax Liquidizer mainly focuses on the wax liquidizing agent.

710 has multiple options for those either looking to get started making their own pre-filled cartridges or replenish their supplies. The most popular option that 710 provides is the 710 Ready Mix Pen Kit. This is a small starter kit that includes a vape pen for vaping the finished product, a plastic syringe for filling 710 Ready Mix Kitthe vape pen cartridge, a sample size of the 710 wax liquidizing agent, and a small glass jar. They also sell larger sized bottles of the wax liquidizing agent in multiple flavors. In addition to this, you can also purchase other items from them separately such as a larger glass jar, replacement syringes, and replacement pens.

Both 710 and the Wax Liquidizer brands are propylene glycol mixtures that allow concentrates to be liquidized in the same manner, however, the Wax Liquidizer brand comes in smaller portions for those who are just getting started making their own concentrates e-liquid or do not have a large supply of 710 Ready Mix wax concentrates. Both companies have multiple flavor options and work well with various textures of concentrates. The unflavored liquid is recommended if the user wishes to taste the natural terpenes of their product, while the flavored ones provide a specific flavor and tend to somewhat mask both taste and smell.

The do-it-yourself recipe to make vape pen cartridges from wax concentrates is actually quite simple and can be explained in a few easy steps.

  • Fill the glass jar with 1ml of liquidizing agent for every half gram of concentrate you desire to liquidize. (the syringe will hold exactly 1ml of liquid at a time)
  • Place your glass jar (with the mixture inside) into the microwave
  • Microwave for 10 seconds
  • Remove the glass jar from the microwave and stir until an even consistency is created
  • Use the plastic syringe to fill the cartridge
  • Start vaping!

With products like these, it has become possible for people to transform concentrates into their own vape pen cartridges at home in a simple fashion. The lack of smell when vaping and the ubiquity of people vaping regular nicotine e-cig juice, makes this is a great way to smoke concentrates for people who wish to consume concentrates in public, discreetly. It is also a great substitute for people who may not have access to pre-filled cartridges and are wishing to try them. While liquidized wax concentrates is not the exact same thing as a pre-filled oil cartridge from a proper dispensary or processor, it is far more accessible for most people. Everyone can enjoy vaping concentrates now that wax liquidizers, like 710 Ready Mix allow people to make vape pen cartridges in minutes. So grab yourself some wax liquidizer and concentrates and get started making your own vape pen cartridges. Happy vaping!

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