How to Use a Nectar Collector for Dabs - Full Instructions

How to Use a Nectar Collector for Dabs - Full Instructions

Posted by Craig Jones on Dec 12, 2019

Nectar collectors are an extremely simple and effective way to dab wax and other concentrates. As people look for ways to discreetly enjoy dabs without a large dab rig, nectar collectors are becoming increasingly more common. They are also evolving to have many valuable features that people look for in high-quality pipes and rigs. So this week we will discuss how to use a nectar collector.

nectar collector, also known as a dab straw or honey straw, is basically a straw with a quartz tip or titanium tip. A nectar collector is a very simple device that is generally very easy to use and easy to clean. To use a nectar collector, you will just need the device and a torch. You will also need a heat resistant serving dish with a surface like silicone or glass. Most nectar collector kits will often include all of these items 

To dab using a nectar collector, follow the steps below:

  1. Put your wax, oil, distillate or other concentrates in a glass, quartz or silicone dish.
  2. Heat the tip of the nectar collector with a butane torch until red hot.
  3. Allow the nectar collector to cool to your desired temperature.
  4. You can check the temperature with an infrared thermometer (Optional Step).
  5. Touch the hot tip to your wax or concentrates to vaporize them.
  6. Suck lightly on the cool end of the nectar collector and inhale gently.

The process of using a nectar collector is super simple and can be done quite easily and discreetly. They are very easy to use and can often bridge the gap for someone who typically uses dry herb that wants to try wax concentrates. You don't have the typical complexities you might have with a regular dab rig like how to choose the best banger or how to use a carb cap. Further, it is much easier than most e rigs, considering there is no question of how many times to press the button or what heat setting to use.

The absolute ease of use is probably the best aspect of nectar collectors. It's seriously as simple as heating the tip and touching it to the wax to dab. Additionally, they have a quite compact design and are often very portable. They come in many different sizes and many can be easily concealed.

Some nectar collectors are as small as a pencil or pen and can be easily kept in your pocket. Others can be much larger and more complex. In fact, there are even electric nectar collectors that make torches completely unnecessary. 

Nectar collectors also come in a variety of materials, including wood, glass, metal and even silicone. Silicone nectar collectors are cool because they are virtually unbreakable with the exception of the tip which is typically quartz, titanium or glass. 

Nectar Collector Straws Full Size Nectar CollectorsElectric Nectar Collectors

        Nectar Straws                                          Full Size                                                  Electric

For those of you that prefer cooler water filtered dabs, some nectar collectors even have water filtration. The water chamber cools the direct heat that comes from the red hot tip and prevents the heavy oil of the liquified wax from entering your mouth, lungs, and respiratory system. Water filtered nectar collector hits are generally much smoother, more enjoyable and oftentimes even spill-proof. However, for connoisseurs that are most concerned with health and effective water filtration, they typically use a dab rig or e rig.

For most nectar collector fans, it is the convenience that drives them. I even have a friend that takes his honey dabber with him everywhere. He chooses the honey dabber because it includes a wooden sheath that covers the hot tip once finished dabbing for safety and cleanliness. He uses a pocket torch and dabs wax straight out of a silicone container or glass dish. Believe it or not, I’ve seen him do it outside while walking down the street.

Honey Dabber by Honey Labs

While we do not recommend that anyone dabs with a nectar collector while walking down the street, it is a very straightforward way to dab wax concentrates. We recommend that you always consider health and safety, and of course, they are only for use by people over 21 years of age. 

At Waterbeds n Stuff, we have a great selection of nectar collectors and other dabbing devices. If you have any questions or need help selecting the best nectar collector for you, you can contact us at, on our Instagram or at one of our 13 retail stores.

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