Reclaim Catches: Best Way to Conserve Your Concentrates

Reclaim Catches: Best Way to Conserve Your Concentrates

Posted by Craig Jones on Aug 25, 2018

Concentrates have become much more prevalent recently and many people have really begun to smoke them regularly. Due to low yields, difficulty of production and limited availability, concentrates can be expensive or even a bit out of some people’s price range. However, with proper accessories and consumption techniques it can become much more reasonable to smoke dabs. The right dab accessories are crucial to smoking dabs efficiently. In this article we will explore and discuss the reclaim catch or reclaim catcher, a new dab accessory that has been developed to deal with the problem of waste.

We have all seen that nasty looking trail of goo that runs down every well-smoked banger and joint of every dab rig. And when it gets super bad, that trail of tears leads to a giant wasted mass of concentrates, called a “puck,” in the water near the bottom of the pipe. When you find or notice a puck, it typically brings with it a series of emotions – puck realization syndrome. In stage one of puck realization syndrome, some people view this huge amount of wasted dabs with wonder, while others view it with almost a sense of accomplishment. Then in stage 2 the person typically tries to figure out if there is some way to remove that puck without ruining it’s smokeabilty with any cleaning solution. Well, the person is almost never able to recover any of the puck or the rest of the lost trail of slime. This brings us to stage three, which is a very painful process of destroying that mass of coagulated concentrates with an effective cleaning solution.

At the end of the day, you will want to not waste all of those concentrates. This will reduce your overall cost and allow you to maximize your smoking. Perhaps the very most important accessory for conserving your concentrates is a reclaim catch or reclaim catcher. This is a device that goes in your rig where the banger usually goes and the banger attaches to the catch. It essentially creates another pathway before the water for the vaporized concentrates to travel down with a removable jar at the lowest point to catch concentrates that drip down. After many hits, once the jar is filled it can be removed and the accumulated concentrates, known as reclaim, can be reused. This is conservation at its best.

I actually read an article about some people that collected reclaim at various sections of the rig and then sent the various samples for testing by a reputable lab. They found that the substance was still extremely potent with the active components and chemicals of the original concentrates. It is almost identical to the original concentrates. Interestingly, the further down the pipe you take the same the sample, while still containing all of the same active chemicals the exact composition and amounts of each one begins to change. But most importantly, all of the samples were extremely rich with active chemicals. This suggests that buying a reclaim catch and taking this extra step for the sake of conservation can be very valuable, fun and effective.

Considering the high price of concentrates and the relative difficulty of procuring a consistent quality supply in many states, a reclaim catch can be a great idea for many people. No one likes wasting money and a reclaim catch pays for itself pretty quickly. Just make sure you have the right size (mm) reclaim catcher with the proper combination of male/female to male/female joints. 

If you know the size and gender of your dab rig’s joint as well your bangers, we can help you find the perfect reclaim catch. You can chat with us live at or come into one of our 13 retail locations to speak with one of our excellent staff.

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