Black Cat Glass Pipe, Limited Edition

By: Blowfish Glassworks

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  • 4" Long
  • Hand Sculpted Glass Cat
  • Bowl on Underside
  • Limited Production Piece

Treat yourself this Halloween season with this limited edition piece from Blowfish Glassworks. The Black Cat Glass Pipe can stand upright and is hand crafted with feline details in the front: textured paws, raised ears and snout, and two yellow eyes. Spin it around and, along with a tail, the back is where the bowl is!

These Black Cat Glass Pipes are each made by hand and we only have a limited number, so grab one before they're gone!

Blowfish Glassworks' Fall 2020 Pieces

Celebrate Autumn with these fun, hand-made pipes from Blowfish Glassworks! Each one is specially crafted with details to make them unique, and perfect for the season! These pipes are part of a limited production, so grab one before they're gone for good!